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John Andrews Responds to the Chicago Sun Times Article - "Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis rips his critics"

Here is the link to the Chicago Sun Times article. Please read it for yourself.

My response is as follows:

It is unfortunate that Mr. Weis once again blames everyone but himself for his failed leadership at the Chicago Police Department.

He can spin the yarn as hard as he wants, but the people of Chicago see right through his delusional rhetoric.

Weis has failed the citizens of Chicago in so many ways, yet pretends (to himself) that he is so great.

While I could go on and on about his failed leadership, in this post I will focus on one point. He claims to have worked hard to develop positive relations with the community. I dispute that claim.

The Superintendent has stripped the districts of manpower to staff not one, but three "mobile field forces." He claims this was needed to fight crime where police were needed the most.

I would like to think the common sense would tell a professional police administrator that multiple mobile field forces is not an exercise in "unity of command." Instead, it is the creation of three political fiefdoms for cronies. It replicates function and is redundant.

A simple look at CPD's organizational chart is evidence enough of poor leadership decisions, in the allocation of police resources throughout the organization.

The stripping of district law enforcement manpower to staff these various mobile field forces (Mobile Strike Force, Targeted Response Unit and Gang Enforcement Unit) has left bare bones police resources to patrol the districts.

I would argue that while mobile field forces come and go throughout the city to put out the crime fires in various neighborhoods, their purpose and mission is not to establish positive relationships with the community. Those meaningful relationships can only come from the beat cop... the police officers that work the beat day in and day out.

The beat cop would be the familiar face that residents and business people come to know and trust. Unfortunately, because of the radically reduced staffing of district law enforcement, the beat cop can only run from call to call, with little or no time for proactive discretionary patrol time.

Thus under the Weis model of policing in Chicago, no one is tending to the fields of our neighborhoods to develop realistic and sustainable trust-building between police and community.

Commanders of police districts cannot go to community meetings and promise the world, when they don't have the means to deliver. People see through the bull and know it is more broken promises.

It is apparent that Jody Weis could care less that no one in the Chicago Police Department likes him. What Jody Weis should care about is that no one in the Chicago Police Department trusts him or his leadership. As a result of that lack of trust and confidence, he has been ineffective in running the 2nd largest police agency in the United States.

His only real success in Chicago has been to place its police department into a state of organizational paralysis, through lack of competent leadership and his failure to assimilate himself within the organization to build trust with the rank and file.

I pray the next Chicago Police Superintendent possesses the skill sets, competencies and common sense needed to motivate and gain the confidence, trust and respect of Chicago's Finest.

Mayor Daley has promised to work hard for Chicago in the final months of his administration. I would respectfully ask the Mayor to end this madness now. He needs to install a temporary Superintendent and give that person FULL AUTONOMY to clean house of the incompetent political hacks and place competent, effective police managers in critical positions TODAY.

In my humble opinion, this would be one of the best parting gifts he could give to this city. I am sure it would be embarrassing for the Mayor to concede that Weis was a failure, however... It takes a much bigger man to admit to a mistake and then take steps to correct that mistake, rather than stubbornly continue with the failures that have critically impacted the safety and security of Chicago in such huge ways.

Chicago cannot afford 7 more months of "business as usual" with the incompetent and politically corrupt leadership of Jody Weis at the helm of its police department.

Mayor Daley... please do what is right for Chicago. Please do it NOW!